A Funerary cemetery dating back to the Roman era in Amrit discovered

Tartous,SANA-The joint excavation of the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums and the Tartus Department of Antiquities unearthed funerary cemetery dating back to the Roman era ,containing 19 tombs and staircases carved in rock, in addition to some archaeological finds at Amrit in Tartus governorate.

“During the survey and excavation processes at the site, we recognized a hole that later turned out to be the ceiling of the cemetery”, Assistant Director-General of Antiquities and Museums, Dr. Hammam Saad, said in a statement to SANA, adding that the site was discovered earlier by excavations whose date cannot be determined, carried out by unknown persons who vandalized and destroyed many lithic remains.

“After completion of excavation work, the mission found two complete coffins that had been pulled from the cemetery by unknown persons, in addition to broken coffins, broken bones and glass remains, along with pottery ”, he went on to say, pointing out that Amrit is one of the important sites on the Syrian coast, and there is a plan to rehabilitate and open it to visitors.

“The burial cemetery is approximately 500 meters from the seashore”, head of Tartous Department of Antiquities, Marwan Hassan, said ,adding that the rehabilitation works and highlighting the archaeological finds in the city of Amrit are among the priorities of the Directorate of Antiquities, and the Amrit site is considered one of the most important sites with its various components, such as the stadium , the temple, and tower burials in addition to the multi-patio burial area and models.

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