Abkhazia approves draft law to make an agreement on trade with Syria

Sukhumi, SANA-The Abkhazian government approved Wednesday a draft resolution submitted by the Ministry of Economy to make an agreement with Syria on the opening of two trade missions in both countries and to hold talks with the Syrian side in this regard.

A Syrian trade mission will be opened in the Abkhazian capital, and a similar Abkhazian one will be opened in Damascus, with the aim of improving cooperation and coordination in the external economic sphere, according to the draft.

The draft agreement stipulates that the two missions are invited to contribute to the development of bilateral economic and trade relations and to help conclude transactions in the commercial, economic and scientific-technical fields, along with establishing joint institutions and developing other forms of economic activity.

In May 2018, Syria recognized the independence of Abkhazia and established diplomatic relations with it.


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