After 12-year hiatus, first direct Venezuelan flight lands in Damascus Int’l Airport

Damascus, SANA- The first direct flight from Venezuela to Syria landed Wednesday in Damascus International Airport coming from Caracas Airport after about 12-year hiatus of air traffic between the two countries.

102 passengers were on board, including Venezuelan Minister of Transport, Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister and an accompanying delegation, according to SANA reporter.

In a press statement at Damascus Airport, Director of the US Department at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, Ambassador Khalil Bitar, said “There will be a flight every 15 days between Damascus and Caracas.”

In turn, Venezuelan Minister of Transport Ramon Velasquez said “After 12 years, we resume flights between our two countries, and this flight represents a victory for both of them and serves the interest of the Syrian and Venezuelan peoples.”.

Venezuelan Ambassador in Damascus, Jose Biomorgi Muzattiz, said “The return of air traffic came due to the great efforts exerted by both countries and it represents a step forward in strengthening bilateral relations”

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