Cherry of Occupied Syrian Golan… a taste with flavor of resilience

Occupied Syrian Golan, SANA- The season of picking cherry crop in occupied Syrian Golan began for the current year, amid increased difficulties as the Israeli occupation tight the noose around the farmers to seize their lands and complete its settlement scheme through building wind turbines and set obstacles in front of marketing the crops.

Despite all actions of Israeli occupation , farmers of the occupied Syrian Golan continue to cling to their  lands full of apples and cherries, which are distinguished by the quality and sweet taste.

Farmer Jad al-Karim Nasser told SANA reporter that all kinds of cherries in Golan are a source of joy and a symbol of belonging to the land, adding although all the circumstances and difficulties, the cherry will preserve its own splendor and gives beauty to the occupied Golan.

“Weekends are crowded with visitors from all over occupied Palestinian territories, from Galilee and Carmel to the Negev and the West Bank, to enjoy the cherry fruits and support the steadfastness of the people of Golan by shopping in the popular markets they set up,  as the cherry season has become a wedding of belonging to the homeland that has been watered with the blood of its sons,” Nasser adds.

Released captive, Youssef Shams, for his part,  noted that this year is considered a one of the most difficult years for the farmers of Golan, stressing that the cherry production amounted to 20 %, and the cultivated areas with cherry trees reached up to 7,000 dunms.

The cherry orchards in occupied Golan, particularly in the areas of Sahita and Al-Hafair, come under the risks of occupation seizure of more than 4000 dunums to build wind turbines.

Hybah/ Mazen Eyon 

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