Chinese tourists: Palmyra is a historical pearl in the heart of Syrian semi-desert

Palmyra, SANA- A tourist group from People’s Republic of China visited the historic city of Palmyra and inspected the cultural archaeological monuments dating back to more than two thousand years, showing their admiration of the great cultural heritage.

Chairwoman of the Chinese tourism group, Kindy, told SANA reporter that she is fond of Syria very much and always wishes to see its civilization on the ground , including Palmyra, the historical pearl in the heart of the Syrian semi-desert.

She expressed sorrow to see the archaeological sites destroyed by “enemies of human culture,” calling on all international organizations concerned with cultural heritage to participate in reconstructing these monuments, which are considered the property of all humanity.

Another tourist, named Edward, pointed out that the Syrian people welcomed them with hospitality despite the circumstances now , calling on all tourists in the world to come to Syria, the cradle of human civilization.

Tourist guide, Ridwan Hasan, said that the visit included important historical and tourist sites in Syria, such as Busra al-Sham, Old Damascus, Hama, and Palmyra.

Hybah/ Mazen

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