Shaaban: Zionist project failed to target Syrian identity

Damascus, SANA – The US-Western project war that Syria was subjected to targeted the Syrian identity, and its main goal was to take Syria back, the country possesses great treasures of cultural heritage which requires documentation in various languages, said Special Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic, Buthaina Shaaban.

Meeting with a delegation from Venice Association for Italian-Arab Friendship, Shaaban said that all the attempts that took place during the past years to target the Arab peoples aimed to reach normalization and promote the Zionist enemy to expand further in the region, pointing to the great role played by the Watan Foundation in documenting the war that targeted Syria along with preserving heritage handicrafts.

The West is suffering from the effects of the capitalist order that imposes policies that do not represent the opinions of its people, Shaaban went on to say, indicating that the Zionist project that targeted the Arab countries with all their components failed to achieve its goals thanks to the sacrifices made by the Syrian people and the resistance movements.

The meeting focused on the necessity of preservation of national identity and employing the Syrian cultural and civilizational heritage in all its dimensions in enhancing the spirit of belonging, in addition to highlighting the cultural and heritage treasures owned by Syria in order to deliver the greatest benefit to future generations.

The delegation members attached great importance to conveying Syria’s civilized image to all peoples across the world as the Western regime is trying to distort it, noting that the countries that still maintain the colonial mentality are trying to destroy the cultural identity of peoples by targeting childhood and achieving moral destruction for future generations

They pointed out that Syria is eligible in the next stage to be a center for cultural tourism and that Syrians possess a distinguished civilization, which is reflected in all aspects of their lives and reflected in their customs and traditions.

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