President al-Assad meets Baath Party’s intellectuals and academics

Damascus, SANA-Secretary-General of Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, President Bashar al-Assad, held an open dialogue with a group of the party’s thinkers, academics and writers.

The dialogue started with national titles and others related to thoughts and identity,  focusing on the comprehensive vision required for the change and building it through deep dialogue that produces titles to outline the foundations of that vision which mean that any measures will be of no value unless they are part of an integrated vision.

“The most important thing in the party elections is not the names that win, but rather the broad participation in them, therefore, the results of the elections at that time reflect the decision and desire of the majority, this is the essence of elections,”  President al-Assad said.

The President added that the goal of participating in the elections has been achieved, and the most important point is how “we will reflect the election experience in the coming period.”

President al-Assad proposed the idea of ​​sharing the decision through dialogue among all party levels, which would produce a unified opinion that represents the majority, pointing out that the vital party is looking for quality, not quantity which is interested in expanding the base of its supporters and not just increasing the number of its members.

Participants in the meeting referred to the regulatory relationship between the party and the authority, with the Secretary-General affirming that the party’s relationship with the executive authority is governed by policies and directives that the party sets in its capacity as a ruling party, while the government is responsible for implementing those policies.

The dialogue also addressed the role of the party in protecting identity from the conflicts that target it, and confronting the challenges facing society, represented by liberalism and intellectual hegemony that the West seeks to consolidate through “soft powers” it possesses, controlled by a new collective understanding.

Mazen Eyon


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