Syrian riders keep shining at Al-Fursan International Show Jumping

Abu Dhabi-SANA- Syrian equestrians participated in the Al-Forsan International Three-Star Show Jumping Championship held on Al Forsan International Sports Resort in the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi over three days, with the participation of 286 horsemen.

As usual, Syrian equestrians competed hard to reach the podium. On the first day of the tournament, athlete Laith Ghareeb won third and fifth place for the hurdles competition, and Mhd Osama Al-Zabibi ranked second at the One Round Against the Clock one, with the participation of more than 92 male and female riders.

Furthermore, Al-Zabibi came first in the round whose hurdles reached a height of 145 cm, recording a time of 56.79 seconds, which is the fastest and best among racers.

On the second day, Ghareeb also ranked second, and Hisham Ghareeb won third and fourth place amid competition including more than 80 riders.

As for the third day, at the One Round Against the Clock competition and among 91 equestrians competed, Laith Gharib again came second. In addition, athlete Hadi Nizam won second place, and Sham al-Assad ranked fourth at the eighth round, where the competition was held on hurdles that reached a height of 135 cm, with the participation of more than 80 riders.

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