12 Children wear hearing aids within EHDI national program

Damascus, SANA- The work of the national program for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) in newborns, and everything related to the program’s developments, along with the related current year’s plan, were the focus of meeting held by members of the National Hearing Survey Committee.

The committee also touched upon updating protocols, hospital accreditation standards, and the progress plan for the child benefiting from the program.

Since the launch of the program, the hearing screening  has been conducted for 15.639 children, of whom 197  were referred for additional screenings, and 19 others were transferred to intervention centers with 12 of them were provided hearing aids, Health Minister Hassan al-Ghabbash clarified.

The number of screening centers has become 69 with the aim of reaching the largest possible number of children and ensuring the programme objectives are realized, minister Ghabbash added.

The Committee includes representatives from the Ministries of Health, Higher Education, Defense, Interior, Syrian Organisation for the Disabled “AAMAL” and the SARC.

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